Winter skin care…are you listening to what your skin wants?

Winter. It’s in full swing up here in the Far North of NZ (quite mild so far). With it comes the cold, the rain and sometimes the dry cold. I don’t know about you, but when that dry cold hits, the skin on my body wants to drink up my Body Butter, my hands get drier than normal and my face only wants Night Cream and lots of Gel Toner (day and night). When it comes to winter skin care, listen to what your skin’s wanting, and adjust accordingly.

There are some tips that may be useful for most of us when it comes to winter skin care:

  • Using a gentle, creamy cleanser that nourishes instead of strips your skin.
  • A little extra hand love in the form of Hand Cream.
  • Lips often get quite dry when it’s cold, so the odd application of an all-natural, protecting Lip Balm can work wonders.
  • A simple and easy face mask that not only gently removes dead skin cells, but is deeply moisturising and healing – honey (ideally manuka, but any honey is great).


Winter isn’t only cold, rain and dry cold, however. It’s also time for cosiness, fires (if you have one), cuddling under woolly blankets, reading in your pyjamas, nourishing soups, root vegetables done a million ways and permission for a little more time…self time. I find that with the sun setting so early I seek out a little more time for things that are just for me…reading, pulling out the pencils and being creative, or listening to inspirational talks while I explore my sewing box. When I do things just for me, I feel like I’m allowing a bit more self-love to flow, which I’m working on getting better at.

I never used to like winters, but recently I’ve come to embrace them in a way I always have the other seasons. Maybe it’s something to do with the bees, and being beekeepers? I adore summer and the sun and more time outdoors in nature, but in winter there’s a certain quiet and calm because the bees pretty much go into ‘hibernation’…they don’t need as much attention, and so everything at Bee Sensual slows down a little, even time…

I also cherish those clear sunny winter days, there is something truly magical about them for me!

What are your winter skin care tips and how do you give yourself a little extra ‘me-time’?