A little sunkissed?

Honey on face

Manuka honey on my face 😛

Gentle after sun care

You have good intentions right? There’s sunblock in your handbag, beach bag, and maybe one in the glove-box of your car. There’s always a hat somewhere too. Problem is, sometimes you just get caught out in the beautiful hot sun when you didn’t expect to. No sunblock, chatting for longer than you expected, or simply caught up in what you’re doing… Before you know it you look in the mirror in the evening and your skin is hot with a bit of an after sun glow.

One of my goals in summer is not to let myself get burnt, especially on my face. However, none of us are perfect, and the other day out on the yacht, the reflection of the water caught me out. I was all nicely covered up with no direct sun on my face, but I didn’t reapply enough and come evening… warm pinky glow. It wasn’t too bad, but I couldn’t help reacting with a slap on the wrist. I immediately tried to rectify that by looking at myself in the mirror and saying ‘It’s OK, it’s not the end of the world, it happens…your skin will be fine.’ This of course was in my attempt to be kinder to myself and more mindful of the comments I gaily throw around at me.

Anyway, so what to do when this happens…

Cream Cleanser hand

Cream Cleanser for after sun care 🙂

Here’s my after sun routine:

  1. be kind to myself.
  2. say thank you to my skin for being so wonderful and always protecting me
  3. wash all remaining residues of my zinc-based sunscreen off with our Cream Cleanser (it’s lovely and soothing because it cleans pores while still leaving your skin feeling moisturised).
  4. when my skin has been patted dry I follow with some honey (manuka mostly, but let’s be honest – any honey is brilliant) – I rub some between my fingers and then gently massage it into my skin in circles. Leave the golden deliciousness to do its thing (read more here about manuka) for about 10 minutes while you unpack your beach bag or make yourself a tea.
  5. rinse, dry and then follow with Rejuvenating Oil. I’m a little in love with this oil I have to say – it smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling so soft and nourished…it has helichrysum essential oil in it which is emotionally and physically regenerating, but I’ll be writing a post on it’s wonderful healing properties next, so stay tuned…
  6. although Rejuvenating Oil is my number one, Gel Toner follows hot on its heels, especially as an after-sun skin soother. It’s packed with organic aloe and cucumber which are so wonderfully healing and nourishing. If you don’t have anything like this in your bathroom, go and forage for a fresh aloe leaf, remove its skin and smooth the gel onto your face and neck.

    RO and GT

    Rejuvenating Oil or Gel Toner

  7. finally…relax and be thankful for the sun and the wonderful day that you had.
  8. smile 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your summer (for those in the southern hemisphere), and if you do get burnt, please be kind to yourself first and foremost!

And please tell me, what is your favourite after sun skincare routine?

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  1. Tania Burt
    Tania Burt says:

    Beautiful tips!
    I also love that you address what we all struggle to – when we make a mistake we should acknowledge it as such while letting it go and not allowing it to evolve into self-criticism… oh and taking delicious corrective steps for the future 🙂

    P.S. You inspire me to blog.

  2. Dianne Timmermans
    Dianne Timmermans says:

    Oooo my two most fave skin products are the rejuvenating oil and the skin toner!! They are so nourishing and I don’t get the ‘oily’ feeling for hours afterwards – just so healthy knowing it comes from honey. Thanks so much for your passion for this industry and sharing your gifts with us. Ive always wanted to make this sort of thing but never have. Looking forward to more products and calling into the shop for my honey.
    Luv Dianne

  3. Fiona
    Fiona says:

    Especially love step 1 & 2, be kind to yourself and thank your skin, essential steps to skin care we often neglect. Love your loving approach. My fave after sun ritual is to spritz with orange blossom or rose water, love the idea of fresh aloe too xo

  4. Deb
    Deb says:

    I have always been careful about sunscreen, but I got caught out yesterday too…not my face or chest, but the back of my neck! I don’t have an after sun routine because I wear sunscreen all the time – even when I lived in Ireland I wore sunscreen. Still like to win the prize though!


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