Why Bee Sensual Skin Care?

Are you passionate about using natural, eco and animal friendly skin care products?

Would you love a skin care ritual that’s uncomplicated, natural and inspires mindfulness?

Are you ready to dive into a world where beauty isn’t skin deep, you use simple skin care rituals that inspire self love, and you have full permission to love yourself just the way you are right now?

You probably feel confused about where to start…

Maybe you’re struggling to find products that don’t have a long list of un-decipherable ingredients. ORyou’ve read so many different claims about natural and organic that you don’t know what’s true anymore.

At my age I thought everything had been tried at least once before, then left on the shelf, but Bee Sensual is very different. They are my Kali comforts that I could never do without!

Patricia (Bay of Islands)

Hi 🙂 I’m Kali.

I work with wonderful women (and men) of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities who are looking for truly natural products, simply sensuous skin and a deeper sense of self love.

As a passionate creator of natural skin care and beautiful scents, I work with women (and men) who want to:

• be conscious consumers
• enjoy natural products with beautiful essential oil combinations
• feel more at peace in their own skin
• create a mindful ritual around skin care
say good-bye to chemicals on their precious skin

I believe it’s totally possible to naturally feel more comfortable in your own skin.

Because when you gift yourself with mindful moments, you’ll feel more relaxed, have time to notice the good and feel less inclined to compare yourself with what the media says you should look like.

After years of struggling to find a natural skincare product without numerous undecipherable ingredients I developed my own range that smells amazing (naturally), is organic where possible and kind to Mother Earth.

I’m a big fan of my products and so are many other women

Rejuvenating Oil – I can see why this is a best seller! Not only does it nourish, smell divine and relax the skin, it almost inspires a journey, fantasy, or memory.

Melanie Bevan

If you’re serious about simply sensuous skin, head over to our store front and see what products inspire you the most, or order some free samples.

And for more information about us, please explore below…