I’m Back! A Bee Sensual Update

So where in the world has Kali been?

I realise you haven’t heard from me much in the last six months, so I figured a Bee Sensual update was well overdue. You see there has been a lot going on, on all levels. There has been journeying on many levels too, and I am coming out the other side with renewed energy and thoughts of all my lovely Bee Sensual fans and what Spring is bringing for you.

Some of you may know that for the last five years I’ve had a real struggle with a physical healing issue. It’s created days of pain, unable to stand for too long or go too many places, and sometimes I’ve just been too sore to do what’s necessary for a lot of things, including make beautiful batches of Bee Sensual. It also left me with little energy often to drop in and say ‘hi’ or write blog posts to share.

This year I decided I would explore ALL options to finding ways to heal this once and for all.

The glow of an Indian sunset!

I went to Australia twice and unfortunately that did not work out in the way I had planned. After that I decided to follow the ‘last resort’ – a Research Institute I had heard about, and been in contact with, in India. It was time. And so in June this year, Harlan, two dear friends and I made a ‘last minute decision’ to travel to Chandigarh, India, North of New Delhi (to read more about this journey, you can check out my personal blog).

It was the BEST decision ever, and long story short I am no longer in pain! It is like a whole new world in some ways, and being able to sit and stand and drive around without thinking twice is uber exciting 🙂

What that means for Bee Sensual…

…is that I have refreshed energy and I am excited to be getting back into it – making, dreaming, creating and reconnecting with you! What I really would LOVE to know from you is some ideas for blog titles pretty please…what do you want to be hearing more about, knowing more about, enjoying more of?

So much love to you beautiful soul! xx

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