Joy Perfume for June

Joy for June!

With Winter well and truly here, why not celebrate with a boost of joyfulness with our new JOY perfume just released.

JOY perfume

It is so easy for us all to put joy on the back-burner. We leave it for the weekends, holidays, ‘when there’s time’, but joy is actually the nourishment our soul craves and desires. It’s literally food for our soul. We need it in our lives, daily. Even if it’s a small boost by smelling a flower, or watching the light change in the evening sky. How about letting loose and dancing in your lounge to your favourite song.

I dare you to seek out joy, no matter what. And for an extra boost of enjoyment, our JOY perfume is the perfect reminder to follow your joy! On sale on June 1.

Our JOY perfume is a blend of beautiful essential oils and seed oils, including the refreshing scent of cucumber seed oil that reminds me of summer, combined with citrus overtones!

Why choose Bee Sensual’s natural JOY perfume?

Because JOY perfume is 100% natural, with over 80% of the ingredients organic, and it contains no nasties or synthetic compounds.

If you Google effects of synthetic fragrances, you’ll find a whole range of articles talking about hormone disruption, skin allergies, respiratory problems and more. Where are you exposed to these synthetic fragrances? To start, in your home. If all of your products are not 100% naturally scented from essential oils, then you find it in washing powder, shampoo, perfume, air fresheners, candles etc. Outside of your home in shops, workplaces, car fresheners and everyone else’s perfume.

Basically our system is overloaded with synthetic fragrance, which is a cocktail of chemicals containing a range of:

  • sulfates
  • parabens
  • synthetic fragrance
  • synthetic colours
  • T.E.A.
  • D.E.A.
  • glycols
  • silicones
  • PEGs
  • ethoxylate, or
  • formaldehyde

Our natural JOY perfume comes in a amber glass bottle with a roller ball lid for easy application. A combination of joy, organic jojoba oil and essential oils. Apply whenever you’re feeling like a joy boost to nourish your soul, or want to smell naturally joyful.

Find it here. En-JOY 🙂 


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