Self-trust and Skin Care

How can I use skincare to practice self-trust?

When it comes to natural skincare there is no right or wrong way of doing it. You can’t get it wrong by experimenting. Trust your skin and trust your body. It’s the perfect opportunity to strengthen your self-trust muscles.

This weekend we had our Bee Sensual stall at the annual Mangonui Festival. It’s the one time of year that I get to enjoy face-to-face time with customers, hear wonderful feedback and also get some interesting questions. People often ask things like:

‘How should I use the products?’

‘When do you use this one, and can you use it with that one?’

‘Do I need the whole range for it to work?’

Those questions inspired me to write this post on trusting what your skin and body tells you. Take every opportunity you can to practice self-trust, because the stronger it gets the easier so many decisions in life become (from the big to the small). Each and every one of us is different. We have different genes, different internal health systems, different body types and all that affects what our skin enjoys. A 1-2-3 step routine might work for you, and not for me, or rich moisturisers might work for me, but not you. And that’s OK. That’s normal.

For example, people are often really surprised at how light our Rejuvenating Oil feels on their skin, and how it leaves no oiliness or residue, just a silky feeling afterwards. So, instead of thinking oil won’t work for your skin, try it out. See what happens. What does your skin tell you? Do you enjoy the feeling of using it? The texture of it on your skin? Try to dig underneath the concepts around oil that you may have had/been told for a long time to what your body is telling you.

Who’s really deciding what skincare you use?

It’s so easy to get caught up in what the media is telling us about how we should look after our skin, and what our skin should look like! You need x for this and y for that and z for the other part. I get it. It’s all around us, that sometimes it’s hard not to get caught up in the hype. I’m afraid to say though, that most of what they tell you is driven by the desire to entice you to want more. Their business relies on you thinking that you need more, because then your skin will look just so, and then you will have less wrinkles or pimples or blemishes… (but that’s a whole other blog on its own 😉).

I know, it sounds funny coming from me, because I’m also selling a skincare range. The difference is, I don’t want you to buy the whole range just because you think you should. I want you to buy products and use them because you love using them. Because you love the way they feel on your skin and also the way they make you feel. Or the ingredients sound wholesome and nourishing to you. I want you to notice the scents and enjoy them, maybe smile and breath deeper every time you use them. Or maybe you find yourself in just that one moment as the sensual experience brings you into the here and now. You might even feel inspired to send some gratitude to that part of your body.

I digress. I get carried away talking about this stuff and could go on and on, but the moral of my story is, what you use on your skin is another perfect opportunity for practicing self-trust. To tune into what your body wants. Not what someone else says it should want, or what you think you should use. But what do you want?

Simple self-trust exercise:

Let’s try it out now. Think about a particular product that you’re using. Picture yourself opening it, putting the mixture into your hand and then applying it to your face or body. How does it make you feel? To dive deeper, shut your eyes, take a deep breath in, and if you feel moved, put your hand on your tummy. Keep breathing and feel how your body feels. Does it feel flighty and jittery, rushed, ambivalent or calm and grounded.

Calm and grounded is one of the ways that your body gives you a yes. Or a smile, or some joy bubbles in your chest maybe. If you feel ambivalent or turn up your nose slightly because the smell’s not quite for you, that’s a no.

This short exercise is a simple, yet powerful way to tune into self-trust, that you can use next time you’re buying a cosmetic product (or anything for that matter). Are you buying it because of the great marketing, or are you buying it because it feels right for you? Right for the one and only unique and beautiful you? Only you can answer that question, and your body can help you with the answer.

Let me know if you’ve ever done this or ways in which you’ve strengthened your self-trust muscles when it comes to decision-making xx

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