Let’s Reflect on 2017 & Get Ready for 2018!

Taking time to reflect on 2017 is such an important part of stepping into 2018 with more clarity, calm and freedom. If you don’t take the time to acknowledge things that have been, you may drag excess clutter into the year ahead. It’s best to start as fresh as you can with what’s going on in your life at this time.

1. Stop and Reflect

When you stop and reflect on your successes for the year, it allows you to really let them sink in. It creates the space to celebrate what you achieved instead of jumping straight onto the ‘next goal’, the ‘next vision’.

Too often we don’t give ourselves enough credit. This pause is a place where you can pour some encouragement, praise and acknowledgement on yourself, instead of focussing on where it is that you haven’t yet got to. This is powerful. This simple practice deepens self worth.

2. Acknowledge Disappointments

It’s also important to acknowledge the things that surprised or disappointed us. If you pretend that these things didn’t happen, or that they didn’t really affect you (when deep down they did), it comes with you into the new year. However, if you give them a voice, write them down and then let them go in whatever way works, you move forward lighter. You could journal them out and burn the notes, write on the sand, talk to someone, or shout them into the ocean.

3. Wisdom from 2017

When you use this pause to reflect on 2017 and what wisdom you gained, from both the successes and the disappointments, it gives you the room to step into 2018 wiser. This simple process empowers you with new insights, perspectives and beliefs. So instead of beating yourself up for the things you said you would do but didn’t, take this time to practice compassion and re-assessing from a place of gentleness how you could do it differently in 2018.

Why is this relevant to Bee Sensual and skincare?

Our state of mind and stress levels affect our health. If our health is out of balance, our skin can suffer. When you are feeling frazzled and running around trying to do as much as you can before the end of the year, and then beating yourself up for the things you didn’t do, it’s easier to slip into choices that don’t serve your health.

Some people may drink more, sleep less, eat more junk food, be running on adrenaline and depleting their adrenals, you name it!

So tasty 😉

Personally if I don’t take a pause and create space for myself (not just at the end of the year), I end up eating more toast than thoughtfully prepared meals. Sure, it’s gluten free and sourdough, but let’s be honest, toast alone (well with peanut butter) is not the builder of vibrant health! How do your choices slip when you’re feeling frazzled.

So how do you create space for a pause to reflect on 2017?

First you have to prioritise it. You need to decide that it’s important to you and your well-being and then write it into your diary. Don’t find other ‘more pressing’ things to do when that time rolls around. This stuff matters! Imagine if you could step into 2018 feeling a little calmer and more inspired for the year ahead.

Even if you really believe that you can’t spare much time for this, give yourself even ten minutes. Shut your bedroom or office door, put some nice background music on, or have relaxing essential oils and jot down short points on a piece of paper.

Here are three questions you can ask yourself, to help step into 2018 feeling more empowered and in alignment with what matters:

  1. What situations, ways of being or feelings am I choosing to release and leave in 2017?
  2. What 5 words would I like to use to describe the person I want to step into 2018 as?
  3. What lessons, wisdom, insights, or qualities are important to me to take into 2018?

These questions are inspired by my self-love teacher, Christine Arylo and her end of year reflection ritual. You can find it here. This stuff is simple, yet powerful, if you carve out the time to actually do it. I have been doing this reflection for a number of years now. I give myself a few weeks to really create a vision for what I would like in the year ahead as well. It’s really helped me get clear, and often on reflection I am surprised by how, for example, the word I choose for the year is just what I needed. This year it was Loving Surrender, which enabled me to do a lot of what I did this year!

I will be doing this for myself in the next few weeks. If you choose to reflect on 2017 in any way that works for you, please share some of your insights with me.

Sending waves of calm, peace and joy to your beautiful self at this time.

Remember you are enough!
You are unique!
You are beautiful as the unique and wonderful human being that you are.


PS: If you choose to write goals/intentions, please set them from a place of inspiration rather than guilt. When you set a resolution from a place of ‘should’, you set yourself up for stress and disappointment. If you would like guidance in this process, flick me an email 🙂




Dreaming into 2017

Dreaming into 2017…

Wow guys, can you believe it’s the end of 2016 and we’re stepping into a whole new year, dreaming into 2017? I can’t believe how fast 2016’s gone! I am also very excited about the new year ahead and all that its energy holds. Do you feel the promise of new beginnings and much goodness like I do? 🙂

A novel way to move into the new year…

So often we rush madly through December, and come the 1st of January it’s all about New Year’s goals and to-do lists, for some there are also hangovers, a desire to eat less, drink less, exercise more, complete/start projects, you name it… “This will be the year that I finally…” And already we feel the weight of these on our shoulders. 

Often our goals come from a place of self-imposed pressure to do more, be more…that we’re not enough…haven’t done enough…that where we are right now is less than ideal. Let me just remind you before we go any further, you are perfect just as you are, right now! Plus – you seriously don’t need any extra pressure!

dreaming-into-2017-3-wordsWhat if instead of goals and MORE to-do lists, you thought about what you wanted to feel like in 2017 and made your decisions from there? What if, in the next week, you created some quiet space for yourself to reflect on 3 words that you would love to take into the year ahead with you? Then your dreams and desires for 2017 could flow naturally from them.

Goals vs Words

Say you felt inspired to choose the words FIT and HEALTHY for 2017. Then instead of the goals to eat more healthily and exercise more, for example, with those two words to guide you, wouldn’t you naturally want to eat more nourishing foods and move your body in ways that made you feel joyous? With fit and healthy as a guide, you might also decide to take nurturing time out so that you could fill your own cup, and from that space your body might want to move more anyway…maybe sometimes in slow ways like yoga or lounge dancing (I may have been doing some of that this evening), and on some days walking or push-ups!

Imagine all the things that would just come more naturally if you based your decisions on the desire to feel FIT and HEALTHY? You wouldn’t need the goals of eating healthily and exercising more, because instead of feeling like those were a chore, ‘must-dos’, more pressure…you’d feel inspired by your words of fit and healthy.

DIY dreaming into 2017

What you need
• paper/journal/cardboard
• pens, paint, coloured-pens
• your beautiful self (friends optional)
• some quiet space to feel into what you desire

What to do
1. Take a deep breath and feel into your body.
2. Let your mind wonder to some words that represent what you would like in 2017.
3. Write them down.
4. You can simply sketch them on a piece of paper as a reminder, or you can let your inner creativity have some air time with coloured pens and card, or you could rip pictures/words out of a magazine and stick them onto paper…let your imagination run wild.
5. you-are-doing-the-best-you-canPut them somewhere they’ll regularly remind you of what your guiding words for 2017 are!
6. Smile and move gently into the year ahead.

Then let your thoughts, words and actions be guided by them! And when you fall off the wagon…please, don’t beat yourself up! Instead acknowledge that you’re doing the best you can, and maybe you need a nap or some quiet time to reset!

My dreaming into 2017

This year end I’ve done things a little differently, inspired by my self-love trainer, Christine Arylo. It is her lovely end of year ritual that inspired the ‘3 words for 2017’ – for the full version of the ritual, click here. I have spent the last week or so completing it, and have to say it was a refreshing change for me to first reflect on the year been before I dreamt into the year ahead. Looking at lessons I could take forward with me and what I wanted to let go of and leave in 2016. And also just acknowledging how far you’ve come instead of simply looking at what else you need to achieve.

So my 3 words/phrases to guide 2017 for me are:
• Inspired action
• Vibrantly healthy
• Love and compassion

I’ll share my visual creation of them when it comes into being 🙂

And now, sitting on the deck watching the fireworks down at the beach revving up for 12:00, music in my ears, and a body that is ready for a soft bed in order to wake up feeling vibrantly healthy, I wish you an amazing, gentle step into 2017. May the year ahead bring inspiration, more love, and of course much laughter! xx