5 Tips for Winter Skin

Looking after your winter skin

With the cold of winter setting its frosticles in up here in the Far North, it’s not only our clothing that changes but also our precious skin. When it’s cold the air is dryer (especially if you’re in snowy regions), and therefore our skin becomes dryer. Moisture escapes our skin cells, and things like wind and central heating can exacerbate this process.

When you’re choosing a moisturiser, please remember that natural is best! You don’t want one with drying ingredients like paraffin (BP wax, petrolatum), mineral oil, isopropyl ‘anything’, or alcohol to be near the top of the ingredients’ list – they will do your winter skin no favours.

Enjoy these 5 simple things you can do to help nurture your winter skin…

  1. Gentle Exfoliation
    coffee-scrub-winter-skin-bodyGentle exfoliation is the perfect way to remove the top layer of dry cells and make it easier for your moisturiser to sink in and protect the softer layer of skin underneath. Gentle is the key. Coffee or pumice is great on your body, but not on your face, unless of course it’s super super fine. One of the most moisturising and gentle scrubs for the face is oats/oatmeal. Something like honey or almond meal is great too. Our Face and Body Scrub has fine particles of walnut shell which, when mixed with water provide gentle exfoliation for your whole self. Remember your dear lips in this process!
  2. Rich moisturisers
    In summer you might get away with a light moisturiser, but at this time of year you need to be feeding those lower layers with good natural oils. And if your skin is feeling quite dry I would recommend layering your products. I’m using my Day Cream and Eye Love during the day and then Rejuvenating Oil at night. This time of year is when you get to pull out the rich luxurious body butters, balms and oils for your winter skin.
  3. Rehydrate
    It’s definitely not the time for cold waters, iced teas and the likes – most people shy away from those when it’s so cold anyway. Plus, from a Traditional Chinese perspective, consuming cold when you’re cold and needing more vital energy, does you no good 😉 At least we have access to an awesome range of herbal teas (with honey if you’re a fan) and light warm broths are good replenisher. I always start my day with a ginger and honey tea, sometimes with a little lemon or apple cider thrown in for good measure.
  4. Don’t strip your skin
    As tempting as it is to hop into a boiling hot shower or bath and bask in it until you feel thawed out, the longer you stay in the more moisture escapes from your skin. So, if possible turn the heat down just a touch and try not to hang out there too long! I know, it’s hard! Also, replace soapy cleansers with cream cleansers so that you’re rehydrating your winter skin while cleaning.
  5. Good fats
    Increasing your intake of good fats, like coconut, flaxseed, or any other oil of your choice will give you an internal boost. Then your skin doesn’t have to rely only on what you’re putting on it.


Please remember, just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean the sun won’t burn your skin. If you’re an outdoors’ person…surfing, skiing, or working outside in the garden, please use a natural SPF to protect your lovely skin.

And as always, whatever you’re doing, whatever treats you’re giving your skin, remember to inject it with a healthy dose of self-love!


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