Bee Sensual’s naturally luxurious skincare

You are beautiful. Right now. Just the way you are.

From all angles we get the message that we need to get rid of wrinkles, look different, look younger and buy everything with ‘anti-aging‘ on the label. It’s time to take a stand.

Are you ready to embrace the beauty of who you are right now?

Every one of our nourishing, natural products opens the doorway for simply sensuous skin, providing you with the opportunity to take a moment out of your busy day and enjoy a healthy dose of mindfulness as you lovingly apply them to your well deserving body.

Is natural, ethical and animal friendly important to you? It is to us!

We’re committed to natural and what’s good for Mother Earth. We believe you should be able to recognise the list of ingredients absorbed by your precious skin. That’s why at Bee Sensual our ingredients are pure and simple, and as many as possible are certified organic. Many of our products are also further enhanced by active manuka honey from our very own bee hives, providing your skin with intense hydration and cell renewal.

With nourishing, rejuvenating ingredients, and made with love, Bee Sensual’s luxurious products will inspire you to love the skin you’re in…

I love the Day and Night Cream… smell and texture is great and feels like I’m giving my body a real treat! The Hand Cream is lovely too, good texture and absorbs well… Love these products so very much…”

Jenny (Paihia)
Jenny (Paihia)

I am a convert to Bee Sensual Body Butter, I have suffered since birth (am 44 now) with terrible eczema and my daughter also. Rubbing the Body Butter in after swimming, is like slipping into a warm cosy bed at night after a long day! I can’t thank you enough for this product. It is really and I am not exaggerating, a miracle cream for me!

Anika (Bay of Islands)
Anika (Bay of Islands)

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Magic Manuka Balm ready to go 🍯 This golden Balm is amazing! Filled with over 85% organic ingredients with the very precious and healing Manuka honey...from our own hives. Thank you @bee.division 🐝🐝.
Oh and it smells divine too! A mixture of sweet beeswax and the scent of Manuka flowering on a warm spring day ☀️.
I've used it on cuts, wounds, scars, pimples and also my lips. Some people have told me of the goodness it provides on eczema too. I reckon I'd try it on just about anything 🌸.
No nasties, all natural and made with so much love ❤️ Let me know if you've tried it before...what was your experience? 😘
My latest batch of German Chamomile essential oil blending into the Manuka Mask I make for the Kauri Cliffs Spa. My last one I bought was more green, this ones more blue...that's the beauty of's never exactly the same 🌼And one batch doesn't look at the other and say "I'm worse off or better off than that one..." We can learn a lot from nature 🌱💚
One of today's activities: observing the bees busy on this mini magnolia-type bush 🐝🐝. If you watch their actions carefully you'll see that they're collecting pollen. .
How do I know that? When you see a bee scrabbling around busily amongst the stamens/anthers of a flower 🌼 she is collecting pollen. The more area she touches and wiggles through, the more pollen will attach to her body.
Then she uses her legs to wipe it off her body and collects it in tiny balls on her (corbicular) - you can see her little pollen sacks in this video.
When bees are collecting nectar they are more purposeful in their movements and they go in to the base of the flower 🌺 to suck the nectar up with their tongues and then store it in their honey stomach til they get back to the hive.
Pollen is bees' source of protein. They also need a balance of protein and carbohydrates, so having a good source of high protein around is key for their hive strength. Gorse, for example is a great source, hence why beekeepers are a fan 🐝
One day I want to bottle the scent from these beautiful spring wisteria blooms 😍Now that would become one of my favourite perfumes! Any flowers you'd love to capture the exact scent from? 🌸🌺🌼
You knew you could drink it. Did you know it's just as good absorbed by the skin? Magical macadamia oil is truly wonderful stuff. Here we cover our top 5 macadamia oil SKIN benefits. No wonder it features in so many of our products! #nzmade #madewithlove #beesensual #macadamianut #macadamiaoil #macadamianutoil #skincare #skinfood
Look at this sweet baby girl gift pack for one lucky new Mummy! 😍 Did you know, new Mums are prone to sore, dry hands as a result of increased washing and exposure to soap and other chemical cleaners? Love the collection of NZ made goodies 👌🌸💗 Thank you for sharing @lady_zoie 😘 #madewithlove #beesensual #babygirl #baby #newmum #newmumgift #nzmade #selflove #jamiekay
Spring has arrived 🌱✨🌸 The bees are happy collecting pollen at the beachside, and the bee keepers are suited up and putting the honey boxes out on this beautiful day ready for the bees to begin collecting that beautiful manuka honey that will soon be on its way 🍯🐝 Happy Spring gorgeous ones, what are the longer days bringing you? Xx
Glorious weather all week ☀️ My skin could do with a drink though... time to take some of our own 'medicine'! Enjoy this gorgeous day wherever you are 👌🏼🌕🌻😘 #beesensual #summeriscoming #yay #madewithlove #nzmade #skincarenz
I had fun yesterday and today mixing up some Day Cream and Body Wrap and Scrub for Kauri Cliffs Spa. I haven't had a play with Bee Sensual for months and it was really fun getting back into it 😊 In that break a lot has happened and coming back with a fresh perspective and new location feels good. Changes afoot... 🌸🌈

And if you’re not so sure about this whole self-love thing and looking for a little guidance or inspiration, please head over to the blog…

I'm Back! A Bee Sensual Update

I realise you haven’t heard from me much in the last six months, so I figured a Bee Sensual update was well overdue. There has been a lot going on, on all more on that and where to next.

5 miraculous macadamia oil skin benefits

Other than being totally delicious, did you know that macadamia nut oil offers a whole range of health benefits - and not just for your beautiful skin? Although we could go on and on about these, we are going to zero in on the miraculous macadamia oil skin benefits in today's post.

Self-trust and Skin Care

When it comes to natural skincare there is no right or wrong way of doing it. You can't get it wrong by experimenting. Trust your skin and trust your body. It's the perfect opportunity to strengthen your self-trust muscles - a simple exercise to try.