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Swarm of Bees


We’re committed to natural and what’s good for Mother Earth. We believe you should be able to recognise the list of ingredients absorbed by your precious skin. That’s why at Bee Sensual our ingredients are pure and simple, and as many as possible are certified organic. Many of our products are also further enhanced by active manuka honey from our very own bee hives, providing your skin with intense hydration and cell renewal.

With nourishing, rejuvenating ingredients, and made with love, Bee Sensual’s luxurious products will inspire you to love the skin you’re in…

Bee Sensual’s naturally luxurious skincare

Bee Sensual is dedicated to supplying our customers with beautiful skin care products they can trust are rich in health not only for their skin but overall well-being. Bee Sensual is passionate about providing conscious consumers with an alternative product that avoid the inclusion of any chemical ingredients. Instead, Bee Sensual aids skin health through the use of natural New Zealand Manuka honey and many other essential plant-based oils. This allows our clients to feel good in their own skin and radiate from the inside out.

Organic & Natural

Handmade with Love

Cruelty Free


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