Bee Sensual’s naturally luxurious skincare

You are beautiful. Right now. Just the way you are.

From all angles we get the message that we need to get rid of wrinkles, look different, look younger and buy everything with ‘anti-aging‘ on the label. It’s time to take a stand.

Are you ready to embrace the beauty of who you are right now?

Every one of our nourishing, natural products opens the doorway for simply sensuous skin, providing you with the opportunity to take a moment out of your busy day and enjoy a healthy dose of mindfulness as you lovingly apply them to your well deserving body.

Is natural, ethical and animal friendly important to you? It is to us!

We’re committed to natural and what’s good for Mother Earth. We believe you should be able to recognise the list of ingredients absorbed by your precious skin. That’s why at Bee Sensual our ingredients are pure and simple, and as many as possible are certified organic. Many of our products are also further enhanced by active manuka honey from our very own bee hives, providing your skin with intense hydration and cell renewal.

With nourishing, rejuvenating ingredients, and made with love, Bee Sensual’s luxurious products will inspire you to love the skin you’re in…

I love the Day and Night Cream… smell and texture is great and feels like I’m giving my body a real treat! The Hand Cream is lovely too, good texture and absorbs well… Love these products so very much…”

Jenny (Paihia)
Jenny (Paihia)

I am a convert to Bee Sensual Body Butter, I have suffered since birth (am 44 now) with terrible eczema and my daughter also. Rubbing the Body Butter in after swimming, is like slipping into a warm cosy bed at night after a long day! I can’t thank you enough for this product. It is really and I am not exaggerating, a miracle cream for me!

Anika (Bay of Islands)
Anika (Bay of Islands)

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I had fun yesterday and today mixing up some Day Cream and Body Wrap and Scrub for Kauri Cliffs Spa. I haven't had a play with Bee Sensual for months and it was really fun getting back into it 😊 In that break a lot has happened and coming back with a fresh perspective and new location feels good. Changes afoot... 🌸🌈
Drumroll 🥁...Bee Sensual's latest treat...LOVE perfume. A blend of beautiful essential oils, including the amazing Bulgarian Rose 🌹 to inspire love in you - for others (people, the creatures and nature) and most importantly for yourself.
It's the first in a collection (rainbow 🌈) that I'm working on. To be used when you're needing an extra dose of love in your life, or just want to smell divine. You don't have to wait for others to give you love, you have the power to do that for yourself. And you deserve that. You are worthy of love. Right now, just as you are! 💖
They're not up on the website yet, but if you would like to treat yourself I've got them at the special price of $29.95 until I leave for Australia around Easter (there are only a few in stock). Message me if you're interested. -
Much love 💕💛 #loveperfume  #nzmade #madewithlove #naturalperfume
Latest blog post up (link in bio). Who's making the decisions about your skincare? You, your shoulds, or outside influences? How about using it as another great opportunity to strengthen your self trust muscles and check into your body...what feels right? There is a simple yet powerful exercise at the end of the post. Would love to hear your tricks for diving deep into self trust ✨#selftrust #naturalskincare #whatsbestforme
Having some fun making a fresh batch of body butter...infusing it with the goodness of body love 💖😊 I wish I could shrink myself and dive in 😉 #bodylove #naturalbodybutter #madewithlove #madeinnz
A lovely day at the Mangonui Festival yesterday 🌺 Thank you to everyone for the great support and feedback! I love hearing your Bee Sensual stories 😀☺️ Once again such a beautiful backdrop ✨🐬 #beesensual #mangonuifestival #nzskincare #manukahoney
Getting ready for the Mangonui Festival on Saturday...packing labelling and getting high on yum Bee Sensual scents 😜✨ #mangonuifestival #beesensual #organicgoodness #manukahoney
A fresh batch of peppermint lip balm made this afternoon 🍃 I'm feeling high on the zingy fumes and my lips feel delicious with a little refreshing tingle 💋 With #organicbeeswax & #cocoabutter Now for an evening beach trip I think 😀 #organicnz #nzmade #madewithlove #essentialoils
A small hand made batch of silky Body Butter in the making 😍 This is the vanilla oleoresin blending into the butter mix giving it the most delicious colour and scent. Sometimes I spill a few drops on my bench so that I have an excuse to put it onto my skin and smell delicious for the rest of the day 🍮 With autumn creeping in, dare I say, my skin is loving the richer nourishment from this butter 💖 #manukahoney #madewithlove #handmadenz #nzskincare #bodybutter #beesensual #nnzmarch
Slow-mo Sundays! The bees are all very happy to leave the muggy confines of their hive with the days of pelting rain gone 🐝 I couldn't help but lie down and catch a quick slow-mo of our @bee.division hives at our gate...I'll work on clearer videos in the future 😉 Some girls are coming in with pollen on their legs, there are a few creating bee chains, others fanning their pheromones at the entrance and many just cruising in to land 🛬 #happysunday #honeybees #nzbees

And if you’re not so sure about this whole self-love thing and looking for a little guidance or inspiration, please head over to the blog…

Self-trust and Skin Care

When it comes to natural skincare there is no right or wrong way of doing it. You can't get it wrong by experimenting. Trust your skin and trust your body. It's the perfect opportunity to strengthen your self-trust muscles - a simple exercise to try.

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