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Bee Sensual The Brand

Bee Sensual began its journey with Kali Bell, a nature and honeybee enthusiast who was passionate about the healing powers of honey. This fascination led Kali on a journey of research and discovery within New Zealand, commencing Kali’s experimentation into organic skin care which would later birth Bee Sensual in 2011. Mana Kai, a local beekeeping and honey production company located in the Far North of New Zealand, quickly got word of Kali’s organic skin care range and were immediately interested. Fast forward to 2022, Bee Sensual continues its journey in the hands of Mana Kai; integrating the knowledge passed on by Kali and Mana Kai’s expertise in all things honey.

Bee Sensual is infused with sensual scents and natural ingredients that feel as good as they smell. Our skin is the body’s largest organ and efficiently absorbs what it comes into contact with. With this is in mind, Bee Sensual is built upon the principle that nothing should be put on your skin that you would not eat. As your skin is the largest organ, anything put on it will be absorbed. A number of Bee Sensual’s products are made from Mana Kai’s very own bees, with active Manuka honey harvested from some of the most remote parts of New Zealand.

Check out our Mana Kai Honey website to learn more! Click here.


Bee Sensual is dedicated to supplying our customers with beautiful skin care products they can trust are rich in health not only for their skin but overall well-being. Bee Sensual is passionate about providing conscious consumers with an alternative product that avoids the inclusion of any chemical ingredients. Instead, Bee Sensual aids skin health through the use of natural New Zealand Manuka honey and many other essential plant-based oils. This allows our clients to feel good in their own skin and radiate from the inside out.

Bee Sensual allows you to create a mindful ritual around skin care. We take our name “Bee Sensual” from the integration of pure, authentic Manuka honey in some of our products. This Honey is harvested from a locally owned beekeeping company, Mana Kai, that supports our philosophy of working with the land and the people collectively to produce sustainable, wholesome products.

Our policy is that everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their own skin, and that comes with knowing what you are putting on your skin. Bee Sensual is open and honest about the ingredients we are including in our products because we are proud of each element we have carefully selected.

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